Choose The Day Your Home Sells

Do you want your home sold on the day you choose, for market value?Real Estate
Our tested and proven method generates cash buyers who pay market value for your property.
Why should you consider selling your home via online auction?

  • You choose the day your property sells.
  • You can set a minimum the property must bring.
  • The focus is on your property alone.
  • Quick turnaround time.
  • Effective marketing that freezes the immediate market around you, and maximizes competition for your property.
  • True market value is realized with no limit on upside potential.
  • The negotiation process is eliminated.
  • Your property sells as-is to cash buyers without contingencies on inspections or financing.

How do I know selling my home via online auction will work for me?

First, we evaluate your property and determine if your property qualifies for a real estate auction.
We invest our own money and time in selling your property. This ensures we will only advise your property be sold using this method if we are confident the results will benefit you.

For more information regarding real estate auctions call 816.361.2600 or fill out the form below, for a no obligation property evaluation.
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