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Do you want your home sold but can’t wait six months?Real Estate
We can show you how to sell your property for market value in 30 days to cash buyers, without contingency. 
Why should you consider a real estate auction?
There are many benefits:
  • The focus is on your property alone
  • Quick turnaround time with results in 30-60 days or less
  • Aggressive marketing that virtually freezes your competition and the immediate market around you
  • True market value is realized with no limit on upside potential
  • The guesswork in determining the asking price of the property is eliminated
  • The negotiation process is eliminated
  • Property sells as-is to cash buyers without contingencies on inspections or financing

Commercial Property

 Why choose Mayo Auction and Realty?
With over 7 million dollars in real estate sold, Mayo Auction and Realty has the experience and proven track record to get your property sold.
When it comes to using the latest technology and marketing tools, Mayo Auction and Realty was the first real estate auction company in Missouri and Kansas to sell real estate utilizing online bidding. Our innovative approach to marketing your property to the world ensures you are always getting the most exposure possible. 
The first step is to evaluate your property and your specific needs. Because we invest cash money as well as focused time in every auction we conduct, you can be assured we will only advise your property be sold at auction if we are confident our investment is sound, and most importantly, the results will benefit you.

For a no obligation property evaluation call 816.361.2600 or submit the form below.
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