Real Estate Agents

Did you know you can provide real estate auction services to your clients and get paid the same commission without being an auctioneer?
The first step is to determine if a real estate auction will benefit your client.

Is your seller motivated by time?

Some sellers want to know when their property will sell.
You and your seller will choose the day of the auction.
Does your seller's property need updates or repairs?
Many sellers need to sell their property it it's current condition, without doing updates or repairs. Your seller benefits from an as-is sale, without contingencies on inspections. Also, negotiations are eliminated when their property is sold at auction.
Why should you work with Mayo Auction and Realty?

The recommendations we make to our clients are the recommendations we would make if we owned their property, without regard to our own interest. 
We value the relationship and trust you have with your client, and work with you to provide the best possible outcome for their needs.
How do we get started?
On average, two out of ten properties are qualified to sell at auction. After reviewing the property and consulting with you, we will both know if the auction is a good fit for your client.
We enjoy working with other real estate professionals. In most cases, an auction referral commission will be the same as what you would have earned on the seller side commission.
The process for evaluating your clients property is straightforward and easy. Feel free to call at 816.361.2600 if you would like to talk more about the process.
We never recommend an auction unless we believe it's in the best interest of your client.
Fill out this form or give us a call to see if your client’s property qualifies for auction.