Business Asset Sellers

Do you have questions about closing a business or selling excess equipment at auction?


Busines LiquidationsHow can I get information about business liquidation auctions while remaining confidential? Trust is important in any successful business relationship. Inquiries regarding our auction services will remain confidential at all times.
How do I know if I have enough for an auction? Whether you are selling the assets from an entire company, or a single asset that is being replaced or no longer needed, we can help.
How long does it take for my assets or property to be turned into cash? Depending on the type of business assets and their location, we can  typically have your property successfully sold within 14 to 30 days.
Can you appraise the assets prior to selling? Yes, we provide USPAP compliant appraisal services if needed.
Asset Liquidations
What type of assets and property does Mayo Auction have experience selling? 
Since 2001 we have conducted many business liquidation auctions and have sold the following  types of assets many times: 

Heavy equipment and machinery, restaurant/food and beverage equipment, fleet vehicles, semi trucks and trailers, forklifts and aerial lifts, complete and excess Inventory, warehouse fixtures and shelving, furniture and computer equipment, video production equipment, printing and bulk mail sorting equipment, intellectual property, specialty equipment, unique retail inventory, real property and more.
What do you charge to sell my assets? We are paid a commission or percentage of the gross sales for your assets. This rate is competitive and varies depending on the type of property you have. We are happy to discuss our commission rates with you after talking about what you have to sell.
What else should I know about Mayo Auction and Realty? We are bonded, insured, and have a long and successful track record working with business owners, US Trustees, financial institutions, Bankers, Attorneys and secured creditors.
We work hard to make certain that the maximum possible revenue is generated for your assets and have proven techniques to ensure a buying audience that is qualified and ready to make a purchase.
Bring us your challenge and let us help you find a fast and effective solution.
Use this form for a confidential inquiry about our liquidation auction services, or call our office today.
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