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Tips from a Live Auction Company in Kansas City - 10 “Must Bring” Items When Attending an Auction

Tips from a Live Auction Company in Kansas City - 10 “Must Bring” Items When Attending an Auction photo

Participating in a live auction hosted by a live auction company in Kansas City can be an exciting and rewarding experience. However, being prepared is key to making the most of your auction day. If you're planning to attend a live auction in Kansas City, here are ten essential items you should consider bringing with you.


Our Live Auction Company in Kansas City Says, Always Bring Government-Issued Identification

First and foremost, don't forget to bring a government-issued identification card. This could be a driver's license, passport, or any other valid ID. Auction houses need this to verify your identity and age. It's also required when you register to bid, especially if you end up winning an item and need to arrange for payment.


You’ll Need Cash or a Checkbook to Pay the Live Auction Company in Kansas City 

While some auctions may accept credit cards, it's always best to have cash or a checkbook on hand. Some auction houses in Kansas City prefer these methods of payment because they are immediate and reliable. Having enough cash or a checkbook with you can ensure a smooth transaction process if you win a bid.


If the Auction House in Kansas City Doesn’t Provide Pens and Paper, Be Sure to Bring Your Own

An auction can be fast-paced and keeping track of items, bids, and prices can get tricky. A notepad and pen can be your best friends in this situation. Jot down details of items you're interested in or note the current bid prices. This will help you keep track of your budget and bidding strategy.


Ask Someone from the Live Auction Company in Kansas City for an Auction Catalog

If an auction catalog is available before the event, make sure to bring it along. The catalog usually provides detailed descriptions and photographs of the items up for auction. You can mark the items you're interested in and use it as a guide during the auction.


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Keep Up With the Competition; Have Your Smartphone or Tablet Ready!

As an experienced auction house in Kansas City, we know that in today's digital age, a smartphone or tablet can be extremely useful. This especially holds true if you’re attending an auction. They can be used for quick research on items of interest, checking current market values, or even for taking pictures of items that catch your eye. Just remember to keep them on silent mode to avoid disrupting the auction.


Our Live Auction Company in Kansas City Suggests, Bringing Folding Chair

Live auctions can sometimes last for several hours, and seating may not always be provided. Consider bringing a lightweight, folding chair for your comfort. Being able to sit down during long periods can make your auction experience much more enjoyable.


Stay Energized and Hydrated; Bring Snacks and Beverages

Depending on the length of the auction, you might want to bring some food and a bottle of water. Although many auctions have refreshments available for purchase, having your own can save time and ensure you have something to eat and drink that you like. As a leading live auction company in Kansas City, we suggest checking with the auction host ahead of time to see if food and beverages will be offered.


Do Your Homework; Take Measurements and Photos

If you're bidding on large items like furniture, it's crucial to know if they will fit in your space. Bring measurements of your room or the specific area where you plan to place the item. Photos can also be helpful to visualize how the item will look in your space. Be sure to bring a tape measurer to the auction so you can confirm the dimensions of any item you might purchase.


Our Auction Company in Kansas City Suggests Bringing a Friend

Auctions can be overwhelming if you're attending for the first time. Consider bringing a friend or family member along. Not only can they provide company, but they can also help you keep track of items, assist with decision-making, or even take turns bidding if you need a break.


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Bring Patience and a Positive Attitude, or Else You’re in for a Long Day

Patience and a positive attitude will make your experience much more enjoyable. Remember, auctions can be unpredictable and you might not always win the item you want. Part of the fun is in the “auction experience” itself, so stay patient, keep a positive outlook, and enjoy the thrill of the event.


Our Auction House in Kansas City Says, Wear Comfortable Clothing and Footwear

Given that live auctions can sometimes run for several hours, it's important to dress appropriately. Opt for comfortable clothing that suits the weather and the venue. If the auction involves a lot of standing or moving around, make sure you wear comfortable shoes. Remember, comfort is key to staying focused during the bidding process.


Bring a Set Budget, and Don’t Stray from it!

Before you head to the auction, decide on a budget for each item you're interested in. It's easy to get caught up in the excitement of a live auction and end up spending more than you intended. Having a set budget - and sticking to it - ensures that you bid responsibly and make purchases that you're comfortable with. It can be helpful to have this budget clearly written down or noted in your phone to refer to during the auction.


Attending a live auction, hosted by an experienced auction house in Kansas City, can be every enjoyable if you are well organized. Be prepared with the items listed in this article, and you can enhance the experience and increase your chances of going home with a great find.


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