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Helpful Tips from an Estate Sale Company in Leawood on How to Net the Most Cash, Part 2

Helpful Tips from an Estate Sale Company in Leawood on How to Net the Most Cash, Part 2 photo

In part one of this two-part series, we discussed three ways an estate sale company in Leawood can help you maximize your items’ value. We covered the importance of taking inventory before the sale, meeting with your live auction company in Leawood to discuss pricing, and having your valuable items professionally appraised. These are all critical pieces of ensuring a successful estate sale.

In part two of this series, we’ll discuss three more ways to make the most out of your estate sale. Let’s get started!

Determine if an Item is a Quick Fix

When preparing for an estate sale, you’ll likely find items that are right on the fringe of being junk or valuable. A fringe item is something that could have value if a few repairs are made first. As an experienced live auction company in Leawood, we know it is important to determine if the item requires lots of time, effort, and money to repair it.

Let’s say you have a riding lawn mower that you think could bring in at least $500, but it needs $100 worth of parts and would take up about an hour of your time to fix. It’s important to weigh all of these factors before you price the item. You could also try to sell the item as is, but it may only bring in $200. Be sure to consider all the factors before making your decisions.

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Your Estate Sale Company in Leawood Recommends You Choose the Date Wisely

To maximize your dollars at an estate sale, you want as many people to show up as possible. This means you need to pick a date that doesn’t have any major scheduling conflicts. Rule #1 of choosing an auction date is to always pick either a Saturday or Sunday. You want the date to be a day when most people are off work. It’s also important to steer clear of holiday weekends when many people will be out of town or celebrating with friends and family.

Advertise Your Sale and Feature Your Top Items

Advertising plays a huge role in generating sales in our world; this is especially true for an estate sale. If people don’t know when your sale is and where it’s located, you shouldn’t expect to sell very many items. Your ads should feature the items that are most prominent at your estate sale. Homes, buildings, vehicles, appliances, electronics, power tools, and valuable collections are some of the most featured items at estate sales. Work with your real estate auction company in Leawood to design a flyer and an advertising strategy that will help you generate high traffic on the big day.

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