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Helpful Tips from an Estate Sale Company in Leawood on How to Net the Most Cash, Part 1

Helpful Tips from an Estate Sale Company in Leawood on How to Net the Most Cash, Part 1 photo

If you have been considering hiring an estate sale company in Leawood, you have come to the right place. Our team at Mayo Auction & Realty has assisted with countless estate sales and auctions in Leawood and throughout the Kansas City area. With our expertise, we can be a valuable resource for your event.

Over the years, we have learned how to maximize the value of many different items at estate sales. This is what makes us a highly respected estate auction company in Leawood. In part one of this two-part series, we’ll explore some of the most effective ways to maximize the final selling amount for your items.

Take Inventory of What You’ll Be Selling

Once you have decided that you’ll be hosting an estate sale with the help of an estate sale company in Leawood, it’s time to start preparing. First, you should start taking inventory or make a list of what you’ll be selling. If you’re hosting an estate sale because you are moving or downsizing, then you’ll want to put careful consideration into each item you add to the list. If your estate sale is because you inherited the property from someone, then you will likely be trying to liquidate as many items as possible. Either way, make sure you remain very organized during this process.

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Meet With Your Estate Sale Company in Leawood; Have a Plan on Pricing

Pricing your items can be one of the most challenging parts of hosting an estate sale. You’ll probably want to seek assistance from your estate auction company in Leawood for this step. It’s easy to think that your items are worth more than what someone else would pay. After all, you or someone in your family probably got lots of enjoyment out of the item. It could be a piece of furniture, jewelry, an appliance, or something else that had sentimental value.

It is important to know that buyers are objective, and you shouldn’t let emotions dictate the final price. As an experienced estate sale company in Leawood, we suggest these two things when pricing items:

  • Determine the highest price you can reasonably ask for the item
  • Have a floor price in mind if someone wants to negotiate

Have Items of Value Professionally Appraised

Any item that you feel has significant value should be appraised by a professional. This leaves no doubt in your mind or in the buyer’s mind regarding the authenticity and quality of the item. This could be a memorabilia collection, autographs, antiques, jewelry, or many other items of value. If you need help finding a professional appraiser, your estate auction company in Leawood should have some good recommendations.

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Are You Looking for a Dependable Live Auction Company in Leawood

Mayo Auction & Realty is a full-service auction company in Leawood that effectively markets your property to the world. As a seller, you will enjoy getting market value for your property or assets in the time frame you need. We are a Leawood online auction company as well. As a buyer, you will enjoy our easy-to-use competitive bidding marketplace.

The Mayo Auction Team is here to make your life easier, so contact us today.