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Guns and Estate Sales, 3 Tips from a Top Estate Sale Company in Overland Park

Guns and Estate Sales, 3 Tips from a Top Estate Sale Company in Overland Park photo

In our many years as an estate sale company in Overland Park, it would be impossible to list all the different things that our team at Mayo Auction & Realty have put up for auction. Most estate sales include an endless supply of tools, household items, appliances, furniture, and so much more. It can be a bit overwhelming to try and sell all of this on your own, so that’s where our auction company in Overland Park can lend a helping hand.

Many estate sales involve selling valuable collections, such as memorabilia, dolls, baseball cards, or guns. In our years of experience, we have conducted numerous estate sales where gun collections were auctioned off. Sometimes it’s the entire collection as a whole; other times, each gun is sold individually.

Selling guns can be a bit tricky if you try do this on your own, so it is wise to rely on a professional estate auction company in Overland Park for assistance. Here are some important things you should know about selling guns at an estate sale.

Review All Estate Planning Documents Closely With Your Estate Sale Company in Overland Park

It is essential that estate documents are examined in great detail before any guns are auctioned off. Look diligently for any documents that indicate who should take ownership of the collection. Also, search for titles, registration, sales receipts, and any other documents for the firearm collection.

Is There a Trust Involved?

If there is a trust for gun collection, it can be a revocable or irrevocable trust that is put in place to transfer the right to use or title to firearms. If the firearms are owned legally by the previous owner, they can be placed in the trust. Most gun collections are often, but not always, under Title II of the National Firearms Act. This ensures that all firearms are transferred while remaining compliant with all current gun laws.

Be Prepared to Consult with an Attorney

As a longtime auction company in Overland Park, our staff at Mayo Auction & Realty knows that transferring firearms from one owner to another is very complicated. A legal specialist like an estate attorney can help you understand state and federal laws involving firearms, and help determine if a transfer is legal. An attorney can also assist with all the reporting requirements required with a weapons transfer, and the best way to complete the transfer. Estate attorneys also provide important counsel to anyone who inherits a weapon or multiple weapons.

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