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Auctioning Your Leawood Home

Auctioning Your Leawood Home photo

So, you are wondering if auctioning your home is a good idea? For many, the answer is, “yes, it is!”. It is fast and hassle-free. You do not have to list it with a real estate agent. You can just find a real estate auction company in Leawood, then let buyers submit competing offers on-site or online, resulting in the sale of your home to the highest bidder, and then it is all over.

Before the auction, a professional auction company in Leawood will aggressively market your home in various ways. They will produce: 

  • Signage
  • Direct mail
  • Print
  • Online advertising
  • Social media
  • Email marketing
  • Telemarketing
  • Other channels to promote the property
  • Notify potential buyers of the upcoming auction

A house sold by a real estate auction company in Leawood can be done with “reserve” or “absolute.” A reserve is the lowest bid a seller is willing to take on the property established with an auction company in Leawood beforehand. 

Unlike most private sales through a realtor, homes through auction are sold “as is,” so you do not have to go through many red tapes with home inspections. Bidders cannot add any contingencies about the property or anything. Auction has strict requirements for bidders, which weeds out the less severe buyers before the auction begins.


 Pros of selling a house at auction with an auction company in Leawood

  • The sales process is easy and has no negotiating on your side.
  • The buyer pays all the real estate commissions (and a non-refundable deposit!).
  • The auction deadline creates buyer urgency.
  • The typical timeline is 30-days or less, which eliminates carrying costs faster.
  • There are no home inspections. 
  • The home is sold “as is.” 
  • The bidding sometimes makes the house rise above the asking price. 
  • The real estate auction company in Leawood handles all the paperwork. 

The cons include:

  • The seller has to help with marketing. 
  • Bidders must meet specific financial stipulations, so the buyer pool is less. 
  • Sometimes, there are fewer buyers because they assume all auctioned properties are trashed. 

These are some reasons to auction your real estate with Mayo Auction & Realty. Call us today if you consider skipping the realtor and trying an auction instead. Our live auction company in Leawood is ready to help you sell your home in a new way today!



Remember, we help you: 

  • Decide WHAT you need to sell. We sell thousands of items every month, ranging from collectibles to real estate to work trucks. If you’re not sure how your item will sell, we can help. 
  • Decide WHEN you need to sell. We can sell your property or assets according to the best timetable for your needs. 
  • Decide HOW you want it sold. Our team will help customize the best approach for selling to get you the best results.



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 Auction Company in Leawood

Mayo Auction & Realty is a full-service real estate auction company in Leawood that effectively markets your property to the world. As a seller, you will enjoy getting market value for your property or assets in the time frame you need. We are a respected Leawood online auction company as well. As a buyer, you will enjoy our easy-to-use competitive bidding marketplace. The Mayo Auction Team is here to make your life easier, so contact us today.