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Eliminate Negotiations. Sell In “As-Is” Condition. On Your Own Timeline.

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Selling your home - or the home of a loved one - is a stressful experience that often requires multiple offers, tedious negotiations on price and other contingencies, as well as a timeline out of your control. To put it mildly, the traditional real-estate process can be overwhelming.

With the proven Mayo Auction Process, you’ll put your home on the market without giving up control or adding more stress. And, our process is designed to help you maximize the equity of your largest asset.


Deciding whether to sell your home using the traditional route OR by utilizing an auction can be difficult and overwhelming. However, real estate auctions hold a number of advantages that many people are not aware of, including:

  • A defined date of sale, pre-determined by you to fit your needs and schedule
  • Sell “as is” with no contingencies on financing or inspections
  • The Buyer pays 100% of the commission
  • Competitive bidding causes the price of your home or property to go UP (compared to the traditional negotiating process which often drives the value of your real estate DOWN)
  • Eliminate the stress and pressure of ongoing negotiations and offers that fall through

PLUS... when you use Mayo Auction & Realty to sell your home or property at auction, you’ll take advantage of our incredible marketing expertise, helping you increase the exposure of your listing… and thereby the market demand. 

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Or, if you prefer, give us a call today at 816-384-0095


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Property Evaluation

We'll visit your home or property to determine if it's a suitable candidate for auction AND complete a market analysis to gain a clear picture of the overall value.

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Develop Marketing Plan

Our team of marketing experts will put together a strategy for driving interest in your listing. Our goal is to deliver the market to your property rather than the other way around.

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Sell Your Home

Your  home or property goes to auction without the added stress of worrying about financing, inspections, or commissions. And remember... you decided the timeline so that the sale suits your schedule.

Is it time to consider selling your home or property by auction? Give us a call to get the process started.

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Or, if you prefer give us a call today at 816-384-0095

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What Do Our Sellers Say?

"I was more than happy with the price that I received for my home. It actually sold for much more than similar homes in the area are selling for." - Elizabeth Lucas

“While the house realized an above average market value, as we hoped it would, it was first a great home, and all of us will remember the family times we had there. It is nice to know that your hard work presented that same potential to a new family. We are very pleased with the outcome of the sale, and that a new family will begin making new memories there.” - John Collins

“My home was listed with a real estate company for a year with no action on it at all. I decided that maybe an auction might be the answer for the selling of my home... I was very pleased with your marketing of my home, the turn out for my open house and that I had many online bidders. I tell everyone who needs an auction company that they should call Mayo Auction.” - Diana O’Bryan

"I was extremely well pleased with the sale of my home and contents because Mayo got me top dollar." - Shep Lampkin