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Buying Furniture at an Estate Sale? 3 Tips from an Estate Sale Company in Leawood

Buying Furniture at an Estate Sale? 3 Tips from an Estate Sale Company in Leawood photo

Tips on Buying Furniture from an Estate Sale Company in Leawood – Here at Mayo Auction & Realty, we are widely known as a reliable estate sale company in Leawood. We have helped organize countless estate sales and auctions in the greater Kansas City area, and many of them have featured high-quality furniture.

Whether it’s sofas, loveseats, coffee tables, theater seating, or bedroom sets, an estate sale might be the perfect place to find a great deal on some furniture. As a longtime estate auction company in Leawood, our team at Mayo Auction & Realty has provided three tips on purchasing furniture at an estate sale.

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Our Estate Sale Company in Leawood Says, “Bring Help!”

If you show up at an estate sale with the intention of buying furniture, make sure you have people with you to help pack it up and deliver it. Estate sales do not come with a delivery service, so it’s ultimately up to you to get your new bed, couch, or recliner to your home.

If you’re only looking for smaller items; like kitchen chairs, end tables, or accent pieces, you might be ok by yourself. However, our estate auction company in Leawood recommends bringing at least one extra person and a truck or trailer just to be safe.

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Our Estate Sale Company in Leawood Says, “Get to the Sale Early!”

Furniture is often one of the hot ticket items at a sale hosted by an estate auction company in Leawood. One of the best pieces of advice we can give you if you plan on attending an estate sale is to get there at the beginning. Many estate sales can last for days, and some can draw large crowds. By attending early, you’ll have the best chance to purchase what you came for.

Once you’re there, don’t get distracted by the numerous other items at the sale. Go straight to the furniture area and talk to a representative from the estate sale company in Leawood to find out the prices and approximately when the items will be for sale.

Our Estate Sale Company in Leawood Says, “Plan Ahead” 

Many auctions and estate sales are now listed online so they can draw the biggest audience possible. Make sure you stay up to date on any potential furniture bargains at upcoming auctions or estate sales in your area. You can typically find photos and descriptions of all the items that will be sold at the auction or estate sale.

Online auction listings can help you plan out your buying strategy. You can set your budget, recruit friends to help, and plan out your schedule on auction day.


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