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Hosting an Estate Sale? 4 Tips from an Estate Sale Company in Leawood on How to Be Successful, Part 2

Hosting an Estate Sale? 4 Tips from an Estate Sale Company in Leawood on How to Be Successful, Part 2 photo

Hosting an Estate Sale? 4 Tips from an Estate Sale Company in Leawood on How to Be Successful, Part 2

If you read part one of our two-part blog series, you have already found out four of the most important items when hosting a sale with an estate sale company in Leawood. We discussed how estate sales work, what happens on the day of the sale, and why you need an experienced estate auction company in Leawood by your side. Later, we covered how to prepare your items, how to set prices on these items, and then presenting them in a way that draws interest from potential buyers. 

In part two of our blog series, we’ll cover four more great ways to make your estate sale a success. As a leading estate sale company in Leawood, our team at Mayo Auction & Realty has the experience and knowledge to help implement these strategies into your estate sale or auction.


You and Your Estate Sale Company in Leawood Should Focus Heavily on Promoting the Sale

You can expect a low turnout on the day of your sale if you don't advertise. By using advertising, you can let people know when and where your sale will be held as well as the kinds of goods that will be offered.

Here are a few low-cost strategies for marketing your sale:

  • Advertise your estate sale on social media platforms.
  • To draw in more potential buyers, take pictures of more expensive items and post them online with your listing.
  • Put up signs, balloons, or other items that direct people to your sale and draw attention.
  • Tell friends, relatives, co-workers, and neighbors about the sale. Spread the word!
  • Distribute flyers wherever it makes the most sense.

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Get With Your Estate Sale Company in Leawood and Discuss Local Restrictions

Before holding your sale, you may be required by some cities or homeowners associations to have a permit or to have submitted an application. Check your city's website, and if you live in a HOA, see if there are any specific limitations or rules on what you can and cannot do. You should be aware of social segregation practices before holding your estate sale, either because of legal requirements or out of caution.

You may be prohibited from posting signs or distributing flyers by certain cities or HOAs. Also, be sure to put up signs indicating where to park. As a leading estate auction company in Leawood, we want to stress the importance of this step. Guests need to observe any parking restrictions that may be in place. The last thing you would want is for a buyer to get a ticket or have their car towed because you didn’t properly identify a No Parking Zone.


Your Estate Sale Company in Leawood Will Help You Get Set Up for Purchases

Make sure you are ready for potential buyers to make purchases before the sale. Think about how your items are organized. Will certain areas have buyers than others? If so, design a better layout so that people can move around freely and shop without feeling crowded.

Additionally, you should make sure that a cash table is set up or that guests are aware of where they can make purchases. If there will be several people assisting with the sale and handling transactions, make sure they are all wearing the same color shirt or vest so it will be simple to distinguish them. Go to the bank beforehand to get your change ready as well. You’ll probably need to break some big bills for certain transactions.

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Your Estate Sale Company in Leawood Suggests Getting Your Security in Order

It's possible for prospective buyers to leave with items they didn't buy at any type of yard, garage, auction, or estate sale. Even though you shouldn't set this expectation for others, it doesn't hurt to take further security measures. Getting a few people together to assist at the entrances and exits will help you achieve this. You can also have people wandering around, but make sure you are not intimidating your customers.

Before the sale starts, you should also make sure the doors are shut and locked. This will deter visitors and prevent your belongings from being stolen or damaged. As a leading estate auction company in Leawood, we know that a few extra protective measures can go a long way to ensuring a successful sale.

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After the Sale, What to Do With Items That Don’t Sell?

Although selling everything with a price tag is the goal, there is a good chance that won't happen. Sort the items that remain after your estate sale into categories to determine where they will go. There can be a section for items that can be placed in the recycle bin, donations to a nearby charity, or even local donations to Goodwill or other thrift shops. You can also make one last effort to try and sell them online through some of the previously mentioned platforms in this blog.

Think about other options before classifying anything as "toss," "recycle," or "donate." Instead of simply throwing away items like clothing in the recycling bin, they could be donated to a nearby charity. Similarly, determine what materials can be recycled and what cannot. Household items like clothing and furniture shouldn't be recycled, but glass and plastic containers can be after they've been cleaned and dried.


We hope you found this information to be helpful if you or someone you know is planning an upcoming estate sale. If you have any other questions, Mayo Auction & Realty is here to help. We are a premier estate and live auction company in Leawood and can assist with making your sale a giant success.

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