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What 4 Qualities to Look for In a Reliable Estate Sale Company in Kansas City

What 4 Qualities to Look for In a Reliable Estate Sale Company in Kansas City photo

What Qualities to Look for In an Estate Sale Company in Kansas City – If you are in the process of planning an estate sale, you probably found out pretty quickly that it is a big undertaking. People often start preparing for an estate sale and realize how much work it requires, then they change their mind and hire an estate sale company in Kansas City instead.

Here at Mayo Auction & Realty, we know how important it is to hire the right company to plan and execute your estate sale. That’s why we’re providing a few helpful tips on hiring the right estate sale or estate auction company in Kansas City. If your estate sale company checks all of the boxes listed below, you can rest easy knowing that your sale will be successful.

Estate Sale Company in Kansas City

#1 Choose an Estate Sale Company in Kansas City That is Highly Recommended 

One of the first steps you should take when choosing an estate sale company or estate auction company in Kansas City is to ask others for their reviews on the company’s work. A good place to start is by checking with real estate agents, assisted living facilities, and estate attorneys. These professionals all deal with estate sale companies on a regular basis, so they know which ones are the best to work with.

#2 Look for Certifications When Researching Your Next Estate Sale Company in Kansas City

For something as important as an estate sale, it is reassuring to know that your estate sale company is legit. There are no specific certifications required for estate sellers, but if the company has a membership with the American Society of Estate Liquidators or the National Estate Sales Association, it proves that they don’t just do estate sales as a side business. You want to hire a company that focuses primarily on estate sales & estate auctions, and also takes great pride in their work.

Estate Sale Company in Kansas City

#3 Check to See How Long the Company Has Been in Business

If you have the option of choosing between a brand-new estate sale company in Kansas City, or one with plenty of experience, which one are you choosing? Most people would say the company that’s been in business longer because they have built up a successful reputation.

When you are researching different estate sale companies, find out how long each one has been in business. Estate sales involve lots of planning and details, and experienced companies will be ready for all the obstacles you might face.

#4 Interview Different Estate Sale Companies

After your preliminary research, go ahead and set up interviews with all the potential candidates. There might be one candidate that looks good on paper, but after meeting with them you may not like what they bring to the table.

It could also work the other way around. One estate sale company might not be as impressive as other candidates during your early research, but they might be very personable and trustworthy once you meet them. In the end, make sure you consider multiple candidates to get the right estate sale company for your needs.

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Estate Sale Company in Kansas City


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